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Amee Bay was awrded a multi-year contract by the USCG to perform lifecycle overhauls and maintenance on East Coast 17′ Cutter Boats, Medium (CB-M).

Amee Bay provided marine electricians, mechanics, welders, QA technicians and logisticians to inspect, renew, maintain and refurbish the main propulsion diesel engine (MPDE), hull and deck fittings, electrical wiring and components and communications equipment. This work involved East Coast craft which Amee Bay transported to Norfolk, VA for production efforts, prior to operationally testing them…


Amee Bay was selected to provide in-place shipboard cleaning, refurbishment and repairs of rotating electrical power generation equipment on U.S. Navy submarines.

Amee Bay supports the U.S. Navy submarine force in enhancing the operational availability of submarines by rapidly troubleshooting and restoring Ship Service Motor Generators (SSMGs) and emergency propulsion motors. Amee Bay provides electrical and mechanical experts to complete mission-critical onboard services requiring our immediate response to any fleet technical support requests.

Ocean Bay

Amee Bay provided Business Process and Commercialization Consultant support to Ocean Bay under its STTR NDT PHASE 2 contract.

Amee Bay provided Business Commercialization Consultant support on Ocean Bay’s STTR NDT PHASE 2 contract which fosters new technical capability development from the defense sector’s contractor community. Amee Bay provided a Commercialization Plan and business process subject matter expertise to allow Ocean Bay to bring its developed product to market.