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Amee Bay was selected by Puget Sound Naval Shipyard to conduct submarine Ventilation Duct Cleaning (Dry Ice Cleaning).

Amee Bay was selected to clean ventilation duct work and in-line components on U.S. Navy Submarines at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, WA and Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor, Silverdale, WA 98313. This work requires our technicians open shipboard ventilation systems and using cryogenic cleaning processes to clean the internal surfaces of the associated ducting…

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Amee Bay was awarded a task order to provide engineering and technical support for U.S. Navy shipboard auxiliary systems at Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC).

Amee Bay provided subject matter experts and technical services for U.S. Navy ship troubleshooting and repair efforts assigned to MARMC. These tasks included work on pumps, condensers, valves, pollution abatement systems, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, electronic cooling water systems, air bleed systems, dehumidifiers, electronic components, elevators, conveyors, hydraulic and ship controls, and deck machinery.


Amee Bay was selected to provide in-place shipboard cleaning, refurbishment and repairs of rotating electrical power generation equipment on U.S. Navy submarines.

Amee Bay supports the U.S. Navy submarine force in enhancing the operational availability of submarines by rapidly troubleshooting and restoring Ship Service Motor Generators (SSMGs) and emergency propulsion motors. Amee Bay provides electrical and mechanical experts to complete mission-critical onboard services requiring our immediate response to any fleet technical support requests.


Amee Bay was awarded a single award, multi-year contract to provide SWRMC with shipboard Combat Systems troubleshooting, repair and maintenance support and training.

Amee Bay provides subject matter experts in primary and auxiliary combat systems found on U.S. Navy ships homeported in San Diego. Our technicians provide hands-on and distance troubleshooting, maintenance and repair support for routine and casualty requirements. As an integral element of this effort, Amee Bay technicians provide over-the-shoulder training to ship’s force to improve…


Amee Bay was awarded a MAC/IDIQ contract by Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division to support the U.S. Navy’s Hull, Mechanical and Electrical System Modernization Program.

Amee Bay provides Project Managers, Marine Electricians, Mechanics, Welders, Logisticians and QA Technicians to perform Machinery Alterations and other modernization efforts in accordance with Ship Change Documents (SCDs). Amee Bay provides this support for U.S. Navy ships, submarines, military watercraft and unmanned vehicles, U.S. Coast Guard ships, and Foreign Military Service ships.

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Amee Bay was awarded a task order to provde detailed Electrical Power Generation and Distribution Maintenance and Improvement Support for the U.S. Navy’s DDG 1000 Class destroyers.

Amee Bay provided marine electricians, mechanics and QA technicians to perform Post Electric Plant Upgrade Installation Testing in San Diego, California. Additionally, Amee Bay conducted ferrule and adapter installations in ACP cabinets to correct cable overheating issues. When discrepancies were found, Amee Bay provided full-sprectrum repair support including installing and testing new connectors/adapters and making…

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Amee bay was awarded a task order by Technico to provide research and development, test and evaluation, engineering and fleet support for U.S. Navy ships, submarines and military watercraft.

Amee Bay provided marine electricians, mechanics and QA tecnhicians to complete critical elements of LCAC Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) work packages, including MGT replacements, modernization and repairs. Work was completed on three LCAC vessels at ACU-4 located at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in Fort Story, VA.