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Alaska Native Villages suffer from some of the worst poverty in this country. In an effort to improve these economies, Congress has given Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) unique rights in the Federal procurement process. These rights provide the Federal agencies and government contractors with strong incentives to contract with ANC firms.


Below are some examples of how doing business with any subsidiary of Three Saints Bay, LLC can benefit you.

8(a) Direct Awards


Congress and regulators encourage government procurement organizations to utilize the type of procurement process granted to Alaska Native Corporations (ANC). ANCs and Tribal-owned 8(a) firms are eligible to receive contracts that are advantageous to our clients. Because of the status of the Three Saints Bay corporate affiliates, you benefit from:

  • The flexibility to use our services as a prime, on a task order, or in any other arrangement permissible by our unique 8(a) ANC status.
  • Expedited sole-source federal government procurements.
  • $25M-$100M limit versus the typical $4M limit for sole-source professional service contracts.
  • Non-protestable awards.
  • Open discussion between the government and the ANC during all phases of the procurement.
  • The option to fully integrate one of our corporate affiliates into your overall long-term contracting strategy.
  • Easy access to highly-qualified and experienced staff and infrastructure tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Contract Vehicles

Three Saints Bay is able to provide a verity of services through the many contract vehicles we are on to support specific client needs and to ease the procurement process. 

Partnering with Us

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The Native American Incentive Act

Department of Defense (DoD) Indian Subcontracting Program, “The Native American Incentive Act”, provides an incentive to DoD prime contractors who use Indian organizations and Indian-owned economic enterprises as subcontractors. If an RFP includes Clause 52.226-1, entitled “Utilization of Indian Organizations and Indian-owned Economic Enterprises, “the program provides for an incentive payment equal to 5% of the amount subcontracted to the Indian organization or Indian-owned economic enterprise.


Small Business and Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)

Subcontracts awarded to an ANC shall be counted towards the subcontracting goals for small business and Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) concerns, regardless of the size or Small Business Administration certification status of the ANC.

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