Contract Vehicles

Ocean Bay, LLC has a number of contract vehicles available to provide U.S. Government clients access to a variety of our professional services. The information provided below will enable you to benefit from these services.

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Multiple Awards

Contract 47QTCA21D00AD

Ocean Bay provides a streamlined approach for federal agencies to access qualified firms in the Information Technology Professional Services and Security Training area. Ocean Bay is qualified in each of the following Special Item Numbers (SIN) listed below:


Sin # SIN Name
54151S Information Technology Professional Services
611430ST Security Training
 OLM Order-Level Materials (OLM)
  • SPAWAR Atlantic 8(a) Incubator
  • SPAWAR Atlantic 8(a) Command Wide Administrative Services Support

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Contract Vehicles

Our family of companies provide numerous opportunities via different government contract vehicles.

8(a) Direct Awards

We work directly with Federal Agencies on the contract acquisition to meet your requirements and needs.


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