Company History

By Lluck002 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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1999 - 2002

To achieve superior customer satisfaction in the service industry, these two individuals realized their first priority must be the employees. After all, it was the company’s employees that interfaced with the customer on a daily basis. Understanding this, GVI established its core principles and values which have not changed since the first day of operation.

The proof of success is in the numbers. Over the years, GVI has grown to more than 200 full-time employees with annual revenues of greater than $16M. The annual growth rate has never fallen below 10%. GVI established offices in Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, Rhode Island, and South Carolina. In addition to continuous sales growth, GVI has received EXCEPTIONAL ratings from our customers in the Contractor Performance and Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) measuring contract performance in cost, schedule, quality assurance, business relations, and key personnel. This is obviously a result of the dedication of our employees, our management style, and our commitment to our customers.


In April 2002, GVI was certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration as an 8(a) small disadvantaged business. This proved to be the catalyst for pursuing new business opportunities which, in turn, provided the necessary working capital through retained earnings to continue to grow and seek further opportunities. In 2003 GVI was awarded its first direct Government contract with SPAWAR Charleston, followed by the company’s second direct Government contract in 2005 with NAVSEA Indian Head. GVI has since graduated from the 8(a) program and is proving to be a successful small business.
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The calendar year 2007 proved to be our toughest year of operations. Our company’s President, Mr. Orville Brown, unexpectedly passed away. This shock hampered the company’s momentum from 2007 through 2009 while we regained our footing and completely re-organized the company. It is to the credit of all our employees, customers, and support organizations that we successfully weathered the storm. As a result of this re-organization, Mrs. Beverly Brown, Orville’s widow, stepped in as the President of GVI to oversee and manage all business aspects of the corporation, while Matthew Hales would oversee and manage the technical / customer end of the business.
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By 2016, GVI’s leadership saw the company was growing at a very quick rate, and, not wanting to strain its infrastructure or employees and continue to provide excellent service to its customer base, realized a shift should be made. Later that year, GVI was acquired by a successful and tenured Alaska Native Corporation—Three Saints Bay, LLC. This has enabled GVI to focus on its employees, customers, and service, and because of the organizational structure of an Alaska Native Corporation holding company, Three Saints Bay manages the shared resource of General & Administrative staff (Accounting, Contracts, Communications, Human Resources, Recruiting, and IT). The acquisition also allowed Ms. Beverly Brown to retire, and GVI is now growing and thriving under the knowledgeable and passionate leadership of Matthew Hales as President.