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The purpose of this dedicated webpage is for incumbent employees of the FBI Gunsmith Services Support team to learn more about Old Harbor Solutions, provide Old Harbor Solutions contact information and provide answers to frequently asked questions. Incumbent employees may also submit their resume to join our team.

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Three Saints Bay, also referred to as TSB, is the parent company for the following Government contracting companies:


  • Amee Bay, LLC.
  • Bennett Aerospace Inc.
  • Eagle Harbor, LLC.
  • GVI, Inc.
  • Ocean Bay, LLC.
  • Old Harbor Solutions, LLC.
  • Shearwater Systems, LLC.
  • Barling Bay, LLC.
  • Ghostrock Systems Development, LLC.
  • Kiliuda Consulting, LLC.
  • OLH Technical Services, LLC.
  • Rolling Bay, LLC.


Three Saints Bay, LLC is an Alaska Native holding company for the small businesses owned by Old Harbor Native Corporation. Our Corporate Office is in Manassas, VA, with additional offices in Charleston, SC, and Virginia Beach, VA.

You will not work for TSB; however, TSB provides all the operating companies day to day support for Human Resources, Security, Accounting, and Contracts Management. Therefore, you will be working with TSB and its employees occasionally, especially as it pertains to Human Resources.

To continue supporting our customers in your current position, you’ll first need to become an employee of either the company or subcontractor that won the contract.

Under the new contract, there are specific educational and experience requirements for all positions. We are required to ensure employees meet those requirements.

Yes, you can apply for any position; however, you must be qualified for the position in which you apply. We encourage you to also apply for your current position to ensure we know your interest in positions under the contract. This will enhance your chances of securing a position under the contract.

Apply to the position that best aligns with your education and work experience. If you need help deciding on which position to apply for, please reach out to our Human Resources Department and/or our Recruiters.

Yes. However, if you apply after the transition period, your position may not be available at a later date. You will need to apply as an external candidate, and you will be evaluated against all other external candidates.

Because we don’t fully know all aspects of your current employer, we aren’t able to provide a complete comparison. However, we can provide you with more information once you complete the job application and we begin the interview process.

Our goal will be to keep your job responsibilities the same at the start of the contract. However, they could evolve over time as we find new ways to improve processes. We work hard to maintain a transparent work environment. As such, you will participate in process improvement initiatives, so any changes in the future should not be a surprise to you.

We pay employees every 2 weeks, for a total of 26 pay periods per year. We can provide you with a pay schedule once you’ve completed the onboarded process.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question until you apply for your position and disclose your current pay rate. In some instances, employees are paid more than their current salary, and in other instances less. We strive to ensure our wages are highly competitive within your geographic area.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question until you apply for your position and disclose your current pay rate. However, we ensure our employees are compensated fairly for their job responsibilities.

If we haven’t hired you once we’ve assumed full responsibility for your site, you’ll be unable to continue in your current position on the contract and will have to discuss other job opportunities with your current employer.

An SCA or Wage Determination employee is one that has a minimum hourly pay rate directed by contract. Additionally, SCA employees are required to be provided a fixed number of holiday & paid time off days, as well as certain health and welfare benefits. The determination of an SCA employee is dependent upon the contract terms and the labor category in which you are hired. Our Human Resources Department and/or Recruiter will provide you with detailed information should our position labor category be appointed as SCA.

You will receive a Paid Time Off (PTO) schedule from our Human Resources Department and/or Recruiter once you have applied for your position

Yes. we recognize eleven (11) federal holidays each year, and some SCA employees may receive additional federal holidays. All full-time employees are compensated for holiday time off. We also provide paid bereavement and jury duty leave, as well as military leave in certain circumstances. Our Human Resources Department and/or Recruiter can provide you with additional information once you have applied for your position.

No. Vacation hours earned under your current employer cannot be rolled over. Please contact your current employer for more information about what happens to your unused vacation hours when you transfer to our company.

Yes. We’ll work with you to ensure that you are able to enjoy your planned vacation. Just let us know what dates you’ve planned so we can accommodate your absence as needed.

The sooner, the better. Please our Human Resources Department and/or Recruiter as part of your onboarding process, and your immediate supervisor once you start work.

Benefits begin the 1st of the month following your date of hire. If your date of hire is on the 1st first of the month, your benefits will begin on that day.

Yes, you can rollover an existing 401k account into our Old Harbor 401k account. Rollover acceptance documents can be provided by request from Human Resources.

No, there is no waiting period. You are immediately vested in our 401K program once you commence participation?